pachinko online casino Authors

Robert Johnson

rjohnson Robert Johnson is an experienced web author and blogger. He has over three years of experience as a freelance journalist and writer. Prior to joining japanese pinball game, Robert worked as a columnist for a US newspaper. His hobbies include climbing and diving. He is also particularly interested in gambling sector innovations.

Johnson and his experience bring special value to our authors' team.

Anthony Huber

ahuber Anthony Huber has been a freelance author for two years. He is really interested in the gambling industry and he even has some experience as a freelance beta tester for a big software provider. However, he prefers writing about the industry to being an actual player. He enjoys travelling and watching poker tournaments.

Besides the fact that Huber's favorite topics are related to poker players, he presents news on variety of topics.

Susan Sutton

ssuton Susan Sutton is a writer and an author at japanese pinball game. Her journalism career started back in high school as a writer for the school's newspaper. Her degree in Literature additionally helps her to be able to write not only up-to-date news, but also in-depth analyses in a proficient manner. She loves yoga.

Being a member of japanese pinball game's team, Susan writes on various topics related to the gambling industry.

Terry Davis

tdavis Terry Davis holds a degree in Psychology, but it was after his graduation that he found his real passion – writing. Previously, he worked for a local news magazine. He has great experience in covering news on a variety of topics. He loves listening to music and playing poker with friends.

Terry likes his job at japanese pinball game, for here he is able to present the latest news from around the world.

James Wright

James Wright Writer Quite simply, Jamie Wright loves gambling. Poker is his main passion, along with casino games like blackjack and baccarat. He is also a massive sports betting fan, and is often found betting on a wide range of different markets.

Matija Dagovic

Matija Dragovic Writer For Matija music is everything! Always deeply inspired by his immense vinyl collection, he also plays drums in a rocknroll band! When he’s not busy writing stuff for Casino News Daily he always tries to learn new things and seeks inspiration in the world that surrounds him.

Often, he finds it in cars and everything related to the four-wheeled marvels that never cease to amaze.

Anna Brankovic

Anna Anna Brankovic has a degree in Law but her true passions have always been writing and playing cards. As a member of japanese pinball game’s team, she enjoys creating various gambling-related content bringing a bit of her own experience. Quite a globetrotter, in her spare time Anna travels around the world paying a visit to local casinos when possible.

Shelly Schiff

Shelly Schiff Shelly has kept a close eye on the online gambling industry for more than a decade. In her 10+ years as an active member of the gambling community, she has written more than 2,000 articles, looking to unravel all the tiny little details about new casinos, upcoming news related to the industry, and many other topics revolving around interactive gambling.

Shelly especially enjoys writing about casino, bingo and poker, so with her decade-long experience, she has become a real connoisseur on these topics. This makes her a reliable source of information on the latest inventions and developments in the industry.

Outside work, she likes to read, she enjoys nature, especially vacationing by the sea, and she loves watching movies. Cooking up delicious treats for her family, while spending quality time with them, is also her passion.