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Requirements:Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
Supported Devices:
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPhoneMini
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPad4
  • AppleiPadAir
  • AppleiPadMini
  • AppleiPadMini3
  • AppleiPadMini2
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5S
  • AppleiPhone6
  • AppleiPhone6Plus
  • AppleiPhone4
  • AppleiPhone3GS
  • AppleiPhone4
  • AppleiPodTouch4
  • AppleiPad4
  • AppleiPadAir
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPad2
  • AppleiPadMini2
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPad2
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPhone5S
  • BlackBerryZ30
  • BlackBerry9300
  • BlackBerry9810
  • BlackBerry9360
  • BlackBerry9900
  • GoogleNexus9
  • GoogleNexus7
  • GoogleNexus10
  • GoogleNexus4
  • GoogleNexus72013
  • GoogleNexus5
  • HTCOneMax
  • HTCWindowsPhone8X
  • HTCGolf
  • HTCOneS
  • HTCOneX
  • HTCSensation
  • HTCThunderbolt
  • HTCFirst
  • HTCDesire601
  • HTCOneXL
  • HTCOneM8
  • HTCOneMini
  • HuaweiAscendP1
  • HuaweiAscendY300
  • LGOptimusF3P659
  • LGOptimusL5E617G
  • LGG2
  • LGG2Mini
  • LGG3
  • LGG-Flex
  • LGG4
  • MotorolaDROIDUltra
  • MotorolaDROIDRazr
  • MotorolaDROIDRazrM
  • MotorolaMotoE
  • MotorolaDROIDMini
  • MotorolaMotoG
  • NokiaLumia620
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia928
  • NokiaLumia928
  • SamsungGalaxyS6
  • SamsungGalaxyS5
  • SamsungGalaxyNexus
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIIILTE
  • SamsungGalaxySII
  • SamsungGalaxyXcover
  • SamsungGalaxyRugbyLTE
  • SamsungGalaxyNote
  • SamsungGalaxyTab10.1ICS
  • SamsungS730M
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteII
  • SamsungGalaxyExpressI8730
  • SamsungGalaxyNote10.1
  • SamsungI8190-GalaxySIIIMini
  • SamsungNexusSDigital
  • SamsungGalaxyAceIII
  • SamsungGalaxyExpress2
  • SamsungGalaxyGrand
  • SamsungGalaxySIVMini
  • SamsungGalaxyTab3
  • SamsungGalaxyS4Mini
  • SamsungGalaxyNote8.0
  • SamsungGalaxyMega6.3
  • SamsungSGH-I5374.2
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteIII
  • SamsungGalaxyNotePro12.2
  • SamsungGalaxyS5
  • SamsungGalaxyTab4
  • SamsungGalaxyTabS
  • SamsungGalaxySIV
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SonyXperiaE1
  • SonyXperiaM
  • SonyXperiaZ
  • SonyXperiaZUltra
  • SonyXperiaZL
  • SonyXperiaMiro
  • SonyXperiaS
  • SonyXperiaT
  • SonyXperiaSP
  • SonyXperiaTabletZ2
  • SonyXperiaZ2
  • SonyXperiaZ1
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Bet-at-home is an online casino that has come a long way before becoming a leading one. Today, it is mainly popular because of the NetEnt-powered games that are accessible through mobile devices. While some players consider the lack of an application as a major disadvantage, some others believe that it is more convenient to have direct access to the games via any kind of device without downloading an app.

All gambling activities performed through the website, including the mobile access option, are strictly regulated by the Maltese gambling authorities.
You will find out that it is extremely easy to navigate the website via a tablet or smartphone. In addition, you can enjoy vivid graphics and a play for fun mode that allows you to enhance your skills.

Upon setting up your account, you will be given access to a wide range of table games including baccarat, roulette, blackjack as well as popular slots such as Jack Hammer, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Disco Spins. In order to ensure your smooth gaming session, you are advised to check if your browser is updated. The latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera should be installed, otherwise the game will not run properly.


If you access bet-at-home via your mobile device and you are interested in the Sports section, you will find Sports betting, live betting and Greyhound Racing. In addition, there are sections related to today’s and Tomorrow’s bets. You have a wide variety of sports to wager on: darts, football, volleyball, baseball, winter sports, tennis.


The casino section is probably the most commonly visited as it features live table games such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack. You can also inform yourself about the current jackpots and upcoming tournaments.


bet-at-home provides all passionate poker players with a special Poker section. They can download the special software and take advantage of poker lessons aiming at making them familiar with the basic poker rules.


Currently, bet-at-home users are enabled to watch football and tennis events via their mobile phones in real time. For their convenience, they will be able to see the total odds and the temporary or the final result of a certain sports event.

Mobile Bonuses

Those who are fans of sports betting can qualify for a fantastic bonus right after registration. After setting up your account, you have to deposit some funds and enter the code TOPUK and you will get 50% the amount of your deposit. However, the bonus cannot exceed €25.

The bonuses for fans of the casino section are even more generous. The amount of your deposit determined how much your bonus will be. If you deposit funds ranging between €1 and €499.99, you get a 100% match bonus but it cannot exceed €200.

All deposits totaling €500 or above get a 50% match bonus that cannot go over €1000.

You can always rely on courteous customer support to resolve your issues in a timely and efficient manner. The website is translated into several languages and depositing via your mobile device should not be a bother. Depending on the country you live in, you can use a variety of payment methods including Skrill, Diners Club, Visa/ Mastercard credit/ debit cards. Depending on the payment processor you choose, you will have to adhere to certain deposit/withdrawal limits.

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