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pachinko gambling online The Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond is a five-reel slot with 50 adjustable paylines that borrows its theme from Alexandre Dumas’ iconic historical novel. Players can join Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D’Artagnan on their journey to recover the Queen’s stolen diamond. The adventure is definitely worthwhile as spinners are rewarded generously for their pluck with up to 24 free games and a wealth of special symbols.

This is a vibrant, richly colored slot, which comes close to an animated Pixar movie as far as graphics are concerned. The action opens with a short introductory clip, showing the trials and tribulations the musketeers go through while searching for the Queen’s stolen gem. The symbols in use correspond to the game’s historical theme and include the musketeers, pairs of gloves, royal crowns, scrolls, pistols, daggers, and pink diamonds, among others. The slot offers a flexible betting range, with lots of cool features to diversify your gameplay, including re-spins and an elaborate bonus game.

There are so many special symbols in this Playtech masterpiece that we simply do not know where to start. Spinners will benefit from three different scatters, each one dedicated to one of the three musketeers. The Porthos scatter appears on the second, third and fifth reels. When combined with the rapier to its immediate right, this scatter unleashes the Splendid Sword of Porthos feature to reward players with 1 re-spin where an entire reel becomes a wild at random.

The Athos scatter can land on the first, second and fifth reels. If you line up the pistols symbol to its immediate right, it triggers the Wild Muskets of Athos feature, which consists of 1 re-spin with a randomly distributed wild. The last scatter, that of Aramis, falls onto the third, fourth, and fifth reels and unlocks the Golden Daggers of Aramis when in combination with the dagger symbol to its right. The Aramis feature requires players to select a bag of gold to collect a guaranteed cash prize.

Similarly to Dumas’ novel, D’Artagnan occupies a central role in the storyline since he unlocks the Queen’s Diamond Bonus feature whenever he appears simultaneously on the second and the fourth reels.

There is a yellow-colored wild that stacks when appearing on the second, third and fourth reels. It replaces all other icons with the exception of the musketeers, D’Artagnan, and the Free Games symbol. The Free Games icon is indeed special since it helps you trigger the rounds of free spins when it stacks on the first and fifth reels on the same spin.

pachinko gambling online Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
Gloves 0 5 10 20
Bag 0 5 15 25
Scroll 0 10 20 40
Crown 0 10 30 50
Diamond 0 20 40 60
Sword and Gun 0 50 150 250
Aramis /Scatter/ 2 7 0 0
Athos /Scatter 2 7 0 0
Portos /Scatter 2 7 0 0

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This is an extremely elaborate slot in terms of bonus games and features. Apart from the pick-me Aramis game and the re-spins, players can boost their profits with a fantastic round of up to 24 free spins. To activate this feature, you need to land one or more Free Game symbols on reels number one and five simultaneously.

You are awarded 3 free spins for each special symbol that lands on these two reels. Furthermore, it is possible to trigger more bonus spins when the special symbol appears anywhere on the third reel for the duration of the feature. But it gets better as the Mighty Musketeers re-spins and the bonus side game can be unlocked during the free spins rounds, too.

Apart from free spins and re-spins, there is an additional side game called the Queen’s Diamond Bonus. It gets activated when the D’Artagnan symbol simultaneously appears anywhere on the second and the fourth reels. You will then be taken on a perilous, yet lucrative mission to recover the stolen diamond of the Queen. This important assignment involves a total of five stages, during which players need to collect heart and coin symbols.

The challenging journey starts with two heart symbols while each additional coin symbol represents 1x of your total bet. During the first four stages of the journey, you need to pick from three bridges, catapults, barrels of gunpowder, or paths. A correct selection leads to the next stage but if you make the wrong choice, you lose a heart symbol and are granted another try. When you run out of hearts and make an incorrect pick, you exit the bonus game with whatever prizes you have accumulated.

Those who make it to the fifth and final stage are granted a single attempt when selecting one out of three treasure chests. Only one of them contains the stolen diamond of the Queen. Each heart you have collected during previous stages earns you a multiplier of your bonus winnings, with the upper ceiling standing at 7x.


The Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond is a masterpiece of a slot which stuns with the excellence of its graphics and animations. With so many great symbols at their disposal, players are practically guaranteed to score a winning combination after a winning combination, provided that you play across all 50 paylines.

What further increases the odds of succeeding are the numerous extra features The Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond offers. There are plenty of re-spins, free spins, and a great bonus side game to keep your account sufficiently topped up with cash. Moreover, most of these features tend to get activated quite frequently, especially the free spins and the Mighty Musketeer re-spins.

The bonus game appears to be a bit more difficult to unlock but it is well worth the wait when D’Artagnan finally lands on the two qualifying reels. Betting limits may vary between Playtech casinos but generally, the coin denominations range between 0.01 and 100.00. The slot is optimized for mobile play, so do not hesitate to give it a spin as you go – this adventurous Playtech title is an absolute must for any reel spinner.

The Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond
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