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Requirements:Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
Supported Devices:
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPhoneMini
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPad4
  • AppleiPadAir
  • AppleiPadMini
  • AppleiPadMini3
  • AppleiPadMini2
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5S
  • AppleiPhone6
  • AppleiPhone6Plus
  • AppleiPhone4
  • AppleiPhone3GS
  • AppleiPhone4
  • AppleiPodTouch4
  • AppleiPad4
  • AppleiPadAir
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPad2
  • AppleiPadMini2
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPad2
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPhone5S
  • BlackBerryZ30
  • BlackBerry9300
  • BlackBerry9810
  • BlackBerry9360
  • BlackBerry9900
  • GoogleNexus9
  • GoogleNexus7
  • GoogleNexus10
  • GoogleNexus4
  • GoogleNexus72013
  • GoogleNexus5
  • HTCOneMax
  • HTCWindowsPhone8X
  • HTCGolf
  • HTCOneS
  • HTCOneX
  • HTCSensation
  • HTCThunderbolt
  • HTCFirst
  • HTCDesire601
  • HTCOneXL
  • HTCOneM8
  • HTCOneMini
  • HuaweiAscendP1
  • HuaweiAscendY300
  • LGOptimusF3P659
  • LGOptimusL5E617G
  • LGG2
  • LGG2Mini
  • LGG3
  • LGG-Flex
  • LGG4
  • MotorolaDROIDUltra
  • MotorolaDROIDRazr
  • MotorolaDROIDRazrM
  • MotorolaMotoE
  • MotorolaDROIDMini
  • MotorolaMotoG
  • NokiaLumia620
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia928
  • NokiaLumia928
  • SamsungGalaxyS6
  • SamsungGalaxyS5
  • SamsungGalaxyNexus
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIIILTE
  • SamsungGalaxySII
  • SamsungGalaxyXcover
  • SamsungGalaxyRugbyLTE
  • SamsungGalaxyNote
  • SamsungGalaxyTab10.1ICS
  • SamsungS730M
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteII
  • SamsungGalaxyExpressI8730
  • SamsungGalaxyNote10.1
  • SamsungI8190-GalaxySIIIMini
  • SamsungNexusSDigital
  • SamsungGalaxyAceIII
  • SamsungGalaxyExpress2
  • SamsungGalaxyGrand
  • SamsungGalaxySIVMini
  • SamsungGalaxyTab3
  • SamsungGalaxyS4Mini
  • SamsungGalaxyNote8.0
  • SamsungGalaxyMega6.3
  • SamsungSGH-I5374.2
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteIII
  • SamsungGalaxyNotePro12.2
  • SamsungGalaxyS5
  • SamsungGalaxyTab4
  • SamsungGalaxyTabS
  • SamsungGalaxySIV
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SonyXperiaE1
  • SonyXperiaM
  • SonyXperiaZ
  • SonyXperiaZUltra
  • SonyXperiaZL
  • SonyXperiaMiro
  • SonyXperiaS
  • SonyXperiaT
  • SonyXperiaSP
  • SonyXperiaTabletZ2
  • SonyXperiaZ2
  • SonyXperiaZ1
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Over the time, Guts has managed to become one of the most successful casino and gaming providers on a global scale. The brand has managed to attract thousands of players from all over the world and prove itself as one of the best online casinos.

Guts is currently providing both a desktop and a mobile version of its online casino, as well as a downloadable version of its casino application, which is compatible with the operating systems that are most-commonly used in mobile devices. The application of the brand makes it easy for all customers who prefer accessing some of the best casino games online through their portable devices.


Guts was initially aiming primarily at Canada and the UK, but it has quickly become an international casino brand, especially considering the fact the wide interest towards its casino application. The online casino platform of the brand currently includes over 100 high-quality games provided by some of the most successful gaming software provider such as Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, IGT and OMI Gaming.

The casino application that is provided by the brand on the Internet is easily accessible for all kinds of players. The download, installation and registration process is quick and easy, and takes only a few minutes. The application of the brand is compatible with various mobile devices, including ones based on the most popular operating systems – iOS and Android.

In addition, Guts has made sure there is a properly maintained mobile version of its website that is compatible with portable devices and does not require a download. The application can be loaded in a standard web-browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. and provides customers who do not wish to install any additional software on their devices to enjoy some great time while placing their bets on various casino games.

Of course, excellent customer service and maximum security is provided in order to make sure that the players will stay satisfied with their gaming experience. Users’ safety is also guaranteed, because none of their banking and personal details are revealed to any third parties, and payment methods featured by the platform are totally secure.


Various games are currently available on the casino application of one of the most-preferred gaming providers on the Internet – Guts. The game selection includes a great number of classic table and card games such as different variations of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc.

In addition, video slots featuring various themes and graphics are also included in the game selection of Guts. Customers can easily view the games by using the menu bar, because only some of the offerings are listen on the home page of the application.

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A number of special promotions and bonuses is available to customers of the casino application of Guts. One of the best Welcome Packages in the industry is granted to players who have chosen Guts – a generous 100% bonus on user’s first deposit. New customers only. £10 min deposit. Bonus 100% up to £100. 35x bonus wager in 30 days. Skrill, Neteller, PaySafe excluded. Game weighting and terms apply.

Additionally, Guts offers new customers various bonuses on second and third deposits as well as regularly weekly and monthly promotions.

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