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We would like to think that everything and everyone in this world comes with good intentions, but sadly…this is not the case. Unfairness, mistreat…you must have felt this more than once in your life. It happens in everyday life, and it happens in the world of online casinos, as well.

But, who can blame the players? The majority of punters have a serious approach to the game. They try to choose wisely and get to know the place where they will leave their hard-earned money. Unfortunately, sometimes this is just not enough.

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Lucky Red was once a great and reputable casino, praised for accepting players from the US, but as of November 2016 it has all gone downhill. With the change of management they have also started their cooperation with the infamous AffPower. This has resulted in many fraudulent activities, so it’s best to avoid this one.

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casino_warning_2 There are three types of online casinos out there.

Trustworthy iGaming platforms, casinos with a warning, and blacklisted/closed venues.

How to recognize the scammer? What are the gaming site that you should run away as fast as you can?

Thanks to our teams' extensive experience in the iGaming industry, we are able to give you the heads up and explain when you should stay, and when you should go…quickly!

There is a list of factors that determine the quality of an online gambling brand. Keep your eyes open, read carefully, write down if needed:

  • Does it hold a valid license?
  • Are there any pirated/fake games in the library?
  • Is customer support service fast and informative?
  • Are there any predatory Terms and Conditions with regards to player accounts, bonuses and promotions and payouts?
  • How long does it take to process payouts?
  • Are there any player complaints regarding non-payments?

If you don’t want an unpleasant gaming experience and unnecessary headache, try to find answers to all these questions above.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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casino_warning_1 Casinos with a warning are somewhere between being approved, and being suspicious – their reputation rests on shaky ground due to second-rate service, yet there’s room to give them the benefit of the doubt as to whether they are capable of improving or not. Brands that got the warning sticker should be approached with caution. In the majority of cases, casinos get the warning label thanks to slow/delayed payments and unresponsive customer support. If you decide to make a deposit at a place like this, you can expect a delay in the processing of withdrawals that can take up to one month, sometimes even longer.

This situation brings unnecessary stress to players, but in the end…the payment is finalized. Playing at an online casino with a warning requires patience and goodwill.

The second most probable issue is customer support service.

One would expect, naively, that all customer support agents should be helpful, fast, informative, and amicable. Oh, you would be surprised! It’s quite hard to understand why would any company hire agents who are not willing to answer questions properly, and in a kind manner. But, it happens, more than one could imagine.

Thankfully, clients do like to complain of player’s forums… if you never gambled in a suspicious online venue, you will be shocked to hear that there, quite often, players wait for days to get answers to their questions…months!

And, when the response finally comes, in many situations it can be absolutely unclear. That’s the cost of playing in a warning-labelled casino!

Unfair rules for participating in the game? Predatory Terms and Conditions? Yes, it can happen. Casinos may ask you to provide expensive notarized documents or prolong the approval of documents as long as possible in order to not pay winnings; they may require players to meet unreasonably high wagering requirements before cashing out; hide confusing bonus rules in small print; intentionally create ambiguous terms in order to retroactively change the rules to their benefit.

But… don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge a casino by a few mistakes. Finally, everyone deserves a second chance, right?

Every warning casino is given another chance to redeem itself and improve its offer and attitude toward clients. And, if it doesn’t….it can easily slip into the Blacklist category.

Blacklisted casinos are those that have transgressed all ethics, law and common sense, usually repeatedly and without remorse harming their customers. The blacklist label is commonly permanent and such venues should be avoided at any cost.

At the end of the day, every player is responsible for their own well-being – it is your responsibility as a player to ensure that the casinos you choose are fair and trustworthy and here’s how to choose an online casino. If you cannot be sure, it is wise to look elsewhere.

We advise all players to approach these casinos with caution. Thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions, inform yourself on the players' forums, keep your eyes on the prize, but your money safe…Play responsibly!