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Global score: 4.15


Playtech brings us a classic, very neat and simple, arcade-style slot with 8-Ball. This 3-reel, single-payline slot features a billiard, or pool, theme, and makes us of the good old sturdy and proven slot mechanics and nothing else.

The game has plays up to two coins per spin on the single payline, with bets ranging from €0.01 to €10. The game also features a mini jackpot, with 2 000 coin multiplier award for anyone betting the maximum, when three 8-Ball symbols fill the bet line.

Besides the standard three-of-a-kind payout, this slot also pays for three either striped or solid balls, for a total of 10 win conditions. A standard, simple and reliable piece, 8-Ball keeps true to the classic feel and intuitive mechanics.