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Size:13.9 MB Version:4.2.1 Requirements:Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
Supported Devices:
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPhoneMini
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPad4
  • AppleiPadAir
  • AppleiPadMini
  • AppleiPadMini3
  • AppleiPadMini2
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5S
  • AppleiPhone6
  • AppleiPhone6Plus
  • AppleiPhone4
  • AppleiPhone3GS
  • AppleiPhone4
  • AppleiPodTouch4
  • AppleiPad4
  • AppleiPadAir
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPad2
  • AppleiPadMini2
  • AppleiPhone4S
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPad2
  • AppleiPhone5
  • AppleiPhone5C
  • AppleiPhone5S
  • BlackBerryZ30
  • BlackBerry9300
  • BlackBerry9810
  • BlackBerry9360
  • BlackBerry9900
  • GoogleNexus9
  • GoogleNexus7
  • GoogleNexus10
  • GoogleNexus4
  • GoogleNexus72013
  • GoogleNexus5
  • HTCOneMax
  • HTCWindowsPhone8X
  • HTCGolf
  • HTCOneS
  • HTCOneX
  • HTCSensation
  • HTCThunderbolt
  • HTCFirst
  • HTCDesire601
  • HTCOneXL
  • HTCOneM8
  • HTCOneMini
  • HuaweiAscendP1
  • HuaweiAscendY300
  • LGOptimusF3P659
  • LGOptimusL5E617G
  • LGG2
  • LGG2Mini
  • LGG3
  • LGG-Flex
  • LGG4
  • MotorolaDROIDUltra
  • MotorolaDROIDRazr
  • MotorolaDROIDRazrM
  • MotorolaMotoE
  • MotorolaDROIDMini
  • MotorolaMotoG
  • NokiaLumia620
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia920
  • NokiaLumia928
  • NokiaLumia928
  • SamsungGalaxyS6
  • SamsungGalaxyS5
  • SamsungGalaxyNexus
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SamsungGalaxySIIILTE
  • SamsungGalaxySII
  • SamsungGalaxyXcover
  • SamsungGalaxyRugbyLTE
  • SamsungGalaxyNote
  • SamsungGalaxyTab10.1ICS
  • SamsungS730M
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteII
  • SamsungGalaxyExpressI8730
  • SamsungGalaxyNote10.1
  • SamsungI8190-GalaxySIIIMini
  • SamsungNexusSDigital
  • SamsungGalaxyAceIII
  • SamsungGalaxyExpress2
  • SamsungGalaxyGrand
  • SamsungGalaxySIVMini
  • SamsungGalaxyTab3
  • SamsungGalaxyS4Mini
  • SamsungGalaxyNote8.0
  • SamsungGalaxyMega6.3
  • SamsungSGH-I5374.2
  • SamsungGalaxyNoteIII
  • SamsungGalaxyNotePro12.2
  • SamsungGalaxyS5
  • SamsungGalaxyTab4
  • SamsungGalaxyTabS
  • SamsungGalaxySIV
  • SamsungGalaxySIII
  • SonyXperiaE1
  • SonyXperiaM
  • SonyXperiaZ
  • SonyXperiaZUltra
  • SonyXperiaZL
  • SonyXperiaMiro
  • SonyXperiaS
  • SonyXperiaT
  • SonyXperiaSP
  • SonyXperiaTabletZ2
  • SonyXperiaZ2
  • SonyXperiaZ1
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Sports welcome offer key terms – New customers only. Min Deposit: £10. First deposit matched up to £30. 1 x wagering at odds of 1.75+ to unlock Free Bet. Credit Card, Debit Card & PayPal deposits only. Terms Apply.

Betway is currently ranked among the gaming companies that offer some of the best casino, gaming and betting options for customers worldwide. This is exactly why its special sports betting application is considered as a great complement to the regular services provided by the brand on the Internet.

The sports application of Betway is available for instant play through a web browser or for download directly on the customers’ portable devices. The downloadable version of the betting software is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry operating systems, which makes the application flexible for various devices. Of course, players who do not want to install additional software on their smartphones or tablets, are given the chance to try the exclusive sports application of Betway by opening the provider’s mobile version and place their bets directly there.


As we have already explained above, Betway currently offers a sports betting application that is available for both download and instant play. The application can be downloaded and installed on any device that runs under the iOS or Android operating systems, as well as under Windows OS and Black OS.

Still, as there are some players who prefer not to install any additional software on their smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, the brand has developed a special mobile version of their regular website’s sports section. The latter can easily be accessed through the majority of web-browsers used on mobile devices, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

The design of the application is quite sleek and stylish, in black, white and green color. It runs smoothly and quickly and is quite intuitive, which makes it possible for users to navigate it only with their fingertips, without any troubles at all. No matter if they decide to download and install the special software, or prefer to open the application through a web browser of their choice, they get the amazing opportunity of betting on their favorite sports events in a safe, risk-free way.

All personal and banking details of Betway customers as carefully and thoroughly protected in order to guarantee them maximum satisfaction and great betting experience. In addition, a variety of payment options is available for making both secure money deposits and withdrawal to and from their accounts.

Betway sports application also provides its users with the chance of turning to a professional customer service that is available 24/7 via telephone, e-mail and live chat option.


A fantastic variety of sports events in featured by Betway in order for the players to be able to place their bets. Football, horse racing, basketball, baseball, golf, cricket, and boxing are only part of the offerings included in the long list of sports events players can wager on through their mobile devices.

There is also a live betting feature, as well as an in-play feature, as well as a long list that includes the upcoming events in every section.

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The special offers of Betway are designed in order to make customers easier when trying to win larger prizes. Bonuses also provide users with the opportunity to bet more frequently by considerable increasing their bankroll.

There is a fantastic Welcome Offer provided by Betway, which is actually a 100% match bonus on the customer’s first deposit. This promotion is only available to new customers of the brand and is different depending on the country where the users reside in. the welcome offer includes a free bet that is granted to the account of the user, but in order to activate the bonus, customers are required to place bets that total the value of their initial deposit.

Betway also offers a variety of daily, weekly or monthly bonuses and special offers in order to encourage its customers to bet more frequently in return to larger prizes.

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