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Please get in touch with us via e-mail, directed to the specific person or department you wish to contact. Alternatively, you can use our phone number or the contact form given below:

+4420 3745 5197
[email protected]
Location: London, EC2A 3AR

Robert Johnson: [email protected]

Anthony Huber: [email protected]

Susan Sutton: [email protected]

Terry Davis: [email protected]

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    Required Skills and competencies:

    • Absolutely fluent in both written and spoken English
    • Flawless grammar and proofreading competencies
    • Excellent organization and analytical skills, accuracy and attention to details
    • Ability to prioritize tasks
    • Interest in a variety of topics related to the latest news in the casino industry
    Daily Tasks:

    • Write and proofread articles that cover the news in the industry, as well as reviews and guides covering different gaming strategies and tactics
    • Provide accurate data related to the latest events in the gambling business
    • Gather, analyse and present data from the most recent casino reports

    Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]